Wrongful Termination – Understanding Your Legal Rights

Has your work been terminated? Did you believe it was an unjust ending? Understanding the labor law is important for recognizing your legal rights. Have a look at Washington DC Wrongful Termination Lawyer for more info on this. Florida is one of a number of states in which people work at will. Which ensures an employer will dismiss somebody at any moment, for any cause or for no purpose whatsoever. Seeking a job lawyer’s advice can be helpful when having a valid claim started as each phase of a litigation requires clear deadlines in which action needs to be taken.

Florida has no legislation related to wrongful termination, but on the grounds of certain conditions and situations, there are state and federal workplace laws that protect workers against misdemeanors. But the government and the judicial system may amend, alter, or incorporate legislation at any time. An experienced and knowledgeable settlement specialist will clarify all of your legal rights and what is required to make your argument for a fair outcome.


The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 1967 Age Discrimination in Jobs Act forbid discrimination based on the ethnicity, colour, age, faith, gender and national origin of an employee.

The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination dependent on disabilities of an individual or against someone who is assumed to have an impairment.

The 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was revised to include overtime which currently contains forbidden discrimination against an individual dependent on marital status, citizenship status, and abortion.

The FLSA grants workers some rights in the workplace which employers can not infringe. Two definitions of the privileges of employers are: the freedom to unite and form a union and be charged an overtime rate for seasonal employees who work more than 40 a week. An individual is unlawfully discriminated against or firing workers for asserting their rights as permitted by law or legislation.


The Federal and Florida employment laws make it illegal for an employer to discriminate against staff exercising their rights to be absent from the workplace as a result of compulsory military duty, jury duty, and to take care of serious medical situations involving themselves or family members as defined in the 1993 Family Medical Leave Act.

Anyone who wants to file a claim for wrongful termination will sue before filing a criminal case with a government agency. A lawsuit can be made with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at federal level, and it would be the Human Relations Commission.