Style Your Home With Decorative Plantation Shutters

It was especially prevalent in banks, business buildings, and other government and public buildings. Old South plantation mansions borrowed heavily on Greek architecture. Shuttercraft Lichfield-Window Shutters Lichfield is one of the authority sites on this topic. The antebellum mansions of the great plantations from South Carolina to Mississippi’s western edge copied extensively from the Greeks’ ideas of architecture. A selection of these grand old mansions were repaired at Natchez, Mississippi, and retained.

As did the ancient Greeks, the owners of plantations used shutters for both their elegance and purpose. Such homeowners were able to bring a degree of protection to their homes by shutting the windows in this manner. That was important since the agricultural areas of the South were sparsely inhabited in the pre-Civil War period. Plantings have been mostly segregated. Plants were often indicators of prosperity which made them magnets for robber gangs. Revolting slaves often provided the opportunity for violence.

Things have changed and homeowners today use shutters mainly for their appearance or form rather than for protection.

What are the shutters to the plantation?

Plantation shutters are interior shutters which are louvered. They stretch the whole room. They are most commonly made of wood, but with growing recognition, modern products like PVC and vinyl are still used. The shutters are hinged and can be opened and latched, or locked. Besides swinging back, some versions have rotating louvers which can be opened and closed. Many versions have louvers which are stationary. There is tremendous versatility in being able to open the shutters partly or fully, and/or open the louvers partially or entirely. It provides enormous power over both controlling the outside air and sunlight inflow.

The plantation shutter panels usually vary from 15 “to 36” long. Louvers are offered in various widths, varying from 1-3/4 inches long to 4-1/2 inches broad, compatible for a range of decors and appealing to specific tastes. The breadth of the louvre has both functional and artistic use. The larger the louvre would allow the more air or sunlight to flow in.

Such blinds are also used in show. Rooms with a number of windows, several adjacent windows or large picture windows look particularly good with the window shutter treatment for plantation.