Steps To Posting Bail

When the offender is charged, he or she is brought to a charging and screening detention center. The bail amount will be set for the defendant within or after this time. In turn, he or she will be able to post their bail soon afterwards, or will be permitted to obtain a bail bondman. Have a look at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group for more info on this. In some instances, if a serious crime or several offences are committed, the person will not seek parole which ensures that they are not able to be released from prison until they have seen a judge.

However, in general, bail is simply set through the bail schedule of the county and the defendant is permitted to make a phone call to get help from a friend or family member to bail them out or from a bail bondman. In addition, a member or friend of the family may also hire a bail bondsman. Whoever the prosecution wants to name should be someone who can be trusted and who is trustworthy.

When the friend or family member visits multiple bail bond agencies, they will need to have access to some details to notify the bondman so they can assess their credentials. The caller will need certain information ready, such as full legal name of the defendant, date of birth, social security number, why they were arrested, where they were taken, who arrested them, and how much their bail is set for. If all this information is not available, then a bondman may still be able to help.

The bail bondsman may feel, in some cases, that the defendant is a risk or may flee in that case; the bondsman will refuse to post the bail. If this happens, they need to locate another bail bond company to help with the bond. The co-signer (the friend or family member) will ultimately be responsible for paying a 10 per cent bail bond fee and will be responsible for ensuring that the defendant shows up to their scheduled court dates.

Once a bail bondman is ready to take the case, the cosigner will need to fill out all the necessary paperwork and pay the premium or fee for the bail bond. As stated earlier, this charge is 10 per cent of the overall bail amount in most jurisdictions. The bondsman will go to the jail to post the bail bond and get the defendant released after the necessary paperwork is completed and the fee paid.