Stella MDH Stream – Explained

If your libido has dropped to low gear since you became a mum, you’re not alone in it. With ever-increasing demands on the time and energy of a woman, it is simple to see why sex may become last on the list. Yet daily sex with your wife will reduce stress, increase self-esteem and even boost your immune systems. Ready to turn your sex life into a goal again? Here’s a couple tips: Exercise. Some routine aerobic activity and deep stretches into the pelvic area can improve blood supply to the vagina. Think of exercise, strength walking, jogging, or running-both of these improve airflow to the pelvic area, and as a result, can intensify sexual appetite and orgasmic activity. Practicing the kegel exercises many times a day also helps improve the vaginal muscles and may raise libido. Sex and fitness have been shown to help relieve tension, and daily participation with both will help you remain healthy and calm. Find expert advice about Stella MDH Stream read here.

Eat foods which increase the libido. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for sexual appetite, and relies on zinc and vitamin B for its development. Foods high in these nutrients include raw oysters, avocados, nuts (particularly almonds), asparagus, eggs, bananas, pine nuts, brown rice and pumpkin seeds. Even, spices like ginger and cayenne will improve circulation to the pelvic regions. Sweets can be limited to dark chocolate, a potent antioxidant that often enhances endorphins.

Tweeting. When was the last time you contributed a hair cut and a new outfit to your va-jay-jay? Giving her just a trim and a little shave can work wonders. If you have the patience (and capacity for pain) giving the Brazilian wax a go. Then go out and buy those sexy new undergarments.

Time cycle. It may sound unromantic so allocate a block of time with your spouse-whether it’s one night, morning or afternoon a week. Take turns taking something different, such a sex toy, illustrated comic, photo, or strategy into the bedroom. You’re keeping your sex life a focus by looking ahead, and having a promise that you’ll hold-much as every other significant meeting or occurrence you should.

Natural Medicine and the Acupuncture. When women age, the body-part yin dimension of what’s responsible for sexual desire-begins to decline. Hormone variations and menstrual cycle shifts can also play a part of reduced appetite. Add to that the pressures of raising children, and it’s no wonder so many of us talk about libido loss! Regular acupuncture may control hormones, relieve distress, increase blood flow to the pelvic area, increase cervical mucous and decrease tension (a killer of libido).

Sleep …… sleep. Getting a good evening’s sleep daily is another great way to boost your sex drive. As mothers, we all know how important our children’s sleep is and the same is valid for ourselves. Often, a good night’s rest regulates hormones, makes us cope better with tension and can improve endurance between the sheets.