Six Great Additions to a Fence Installation

Since a fence makes a backyard really feel like personal property, many homeowners consider that building a fence is just the first step in transforming their backyard into a paradise. Outdoor features, such as a pavilion or a gazebo, not only increase the value of your home, but also make the outdoor area a lovely getaway spot, a place to relax on weekends and a natural area for entertaining guests. Fence installation in Austin contains more info.

Arbor One of the more attractive improvements to a recent deck or fence construction may be a garden arbor. Landscapers can set up an arbor that will lead your guests to a peaceful, secluded place in your garden. If there are nearby vines or climbing plants, they may gradually spread over the arbor. These can be constructed on a smaller scale and used as a basic entrance or as a pergola. An arbor is also a perfect way to greet visitors and mark the doorway to your house.

Pergola A pergola resembles an arbor but is much larger. Pergolas also act as walkways or canopies in the patio, and are built on top with lattices that usually support hanging plants or vines. A pergola is an excellent addition to a yard needing shade but lacking in trees.

Deck A deck can have many features, such as adding walking space to a newly installed swimming pool or having an elevated place to dine outdoors. Yet decks may also extend your home’s interior space, creating space for a larger sitting or cooking area.

Aluminum patio cover Patio coverings are an excellent addition to any home space, particularly for houses with plenty of rainfall located in climes. Unlike wood, aluminum is not susceptible to damage from termites or insects. Additionally, aluminum is much easier to clean, and needs very little maintenance after installation.

Wood patio covers While not as sturdy as their aluminum counterparts, wood patio coverings are still a timely classic addition to any building, particularly for homeowners and gardeners who wish to maintain the natural look to their yard. Wood is also much more durable and simpler to use than aluminum.

Gazebo A gazebo may be one of the most iconic additions to a home space, elevating to the next level an ordinary fence build. A gazebo provides you or your visitors with a shaded and independent place to relax and an exclusive space for special occasions, such as intimate meals, birthdays and more.