Profession Of Court Reporting

While most professions allow you to earn a decent sum of money, the court reporting profession gives you the opportunity to earn a god-sum of cash. Also known as digital reporter, voice-writer, stenotype reporter or stenomask, the court reporter. Their task is to transcribe recorded or spoken speech into the written form, generally using a shorthand machine or digital recorder to make official transcripts of depositions, court hearings and other types of official proceedings. There are 2 main reporting methods, and they consist of shorthand voice writing and machine.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters of West Palm Beach

The reporter keeps up with the speech in the shorthand method of the machine, as they are said thereby ensuring that no words are left out. The voice writer, on the other hand, repeats word for word what the witnesses, attorneys and others say during a hearing. Even in the United States the court investigator is known as a notary public. They are licensed for administering witness oaths. They also certify their transcription of the proceedings as verbatim reproductions of anything that has been said. The basic academic courses remain the same for all court reporters regardless of the methods they use, including business law, medical and legal language, as well as a firm understanding of English.

The associate degree is with a period of 2 years, although at times it can take longer. You should be prepared to study 1-3 hours per night plus the time taken to complete homework if you plan to take this course. The process of reporting by voice writing is highly technological and any involved in following this approach should be competent and should be able to use computer-aided tools for transcription and speech recognition. Be prepared to spend anything between 2 to 4 years learning the basic skills needed to become a court reporter in stenotype.

Once the course is finished one can report to the court. The court reporters have the right to make suggestions regarding proper procedure in the courtroom environment. They will also carry out work on things that are found in official documents. The most significant thing is that trial coverage in real time has proved to be a tremendous benefit to the courts. It is because of this fact that quite a few judges have insisted that their reporters are capable of reporting in real time. Besides this there are many who work as freelance reporters and sell their reports to news channels and papers.

Then there are reporters attached to various newspapers and TV channels, and on their behalf undertaking coverage of court proceedings. The requirement to be successful in court reporting is to have an excellent command over the language used in court, along with an eye for details. They also need the capacity to stay focused over an extended period of time. The highest paid court reporters, particularly those employed by TV channels, can provide real-time transcriptions.