Pool Table – Complete Your Game Room With Stylish Accessories

Consider finishing your game room with pool table chairs, if you want to accessorize your pool table.

Our game room features a billard bar, an air hockey table and an old-fashioned pinball machine.Do you want to learn more? check out the post right here

However, as our friends came, they would have to stand and watch the play. That kind of bugged me. I wanted to make our friends come over and be relaxed, not lean against the walls!

You can shop online for pool table furniture so I did a bit of online research.

Wow! Just wow! There is a wide variety of online pool table furniture available, and since most people do not have a nearby local billiards shop, many online pool table retailers are offering low or even free shipping.

What was it that I considered furniture for the pool table?

There are bar tables with comfortable pit seats, leather-covered benches, wall-mounting corner tables and half tables, poker-top gaming tables, dart boards, pool-cue racks and more!

The spectator chairs were especially interesting because they were big, like bar chairs, which allows visitors to watch the games without needing to try to see. Many were lined with quality leather and included under the seats storage drawers to store poker winnings or other objects. Even the spectator chairs had footrests. Such luxurious leather seating chairs vary from $189 to $349 in size.

Another possibility for pool table furniture was stools that could sit around a pub table, if you didn’t want to spend as much on the chairs. Stools come in a variety of styles, from simple black leather- stools to those that had your choice of team logos on top. Stools range in price from $119 to as much as $309.

The spectator benches were a nice surprise, since they offered a handsome leather top with lid that raised to reveal storage for pool cues, balls and other game pieces. The bench even had unique shelves on the sides, to rest drinks and pool cues while waiting your turn.

What Pool Table Furniture Did We Choose, and Why?

We opted for a stand- pub table and chairs combination, and a second half- pub table set that we could mount to the wall. These two sets included 2 chairs each, which gave us 4 guest chairs in total.

We also sprang for one of the leather- benches. I particularly liked that the bench came with additional storage. The bench provided seating for a further 3 guests.

Another piece that we decided was a pool cue rack that we needed to complete our game room. We chose one that mounted to the wall, clearing up more floor space. (When you have little kids over, it helps to have as much off the floor as possible to avoid any accidents!) I really liked that we could add quite a bit of seating with this pool table furniture and make the room look more like a pub. The room is in our basement, and the lighting is a little darker anyway, so it just made sense to go with a “pub-” ambiance.

We spent a little more than maybe most would- $2000 all told, but I am thrilled with how our game room looks.

I am especially thrilled with the fact that guests can come over and relax. I notice that friends are coming over more often now!

Tips and Suggestions for Finding a Good Deal The first thing I would do is simply examine your space. How much room do you have? Is there room for a whole pub table, or do you just have space for a couple of chairs and maybe a half- table? Would a bench be better use of your space?

Shop online. Just look at pictures and read reviews, you can get a good idea of what’s available.

Many online retailers are offering discount prices and free shipping on pool table furniture. After you find what you want, call them. See if they’re offering any special discounts. You can even ask them over the phone, “Is this the best you can do?” Often the salesperson can offer an additional discount if you ask