New Jersey Commercial Graphics Installer – Some Insight

It can be hard to install large vinyl graphics on the body and this is particularly true when it comes to hands. Whether you are installing your vehicle wraps using a torch, tiger torch or heat gun, it’s easy to burn your fingers trying to tuck in areas where the paddle doesn’t fit. New Jersey commercial graphics installers is one of the authority sites on this topic.

A solution that I found incorporating very few sign shops, but the pros know about – is using a cotton glove to ‘soften’ the installer’s hand. The kind of gloves that I am describing are the cheap cotton gloves that are widely available in discount stores. You would wear the glove on your left hand if you were right-handed with either a heat element or a squeegee in your right hand.

When you come to an area where the vinyl has to be tucked in, you can heat the area gently and push it down with the hand of your cotton glove. This fits well in places like those used on freight vans where you can find shallow 90-degree indents in the body of the vehicle.

One of the key benefits of using a cotton glove is that the glove provides your printed vinyl graphics with a friction-free and soft applicator. The use of your hands is similar to the use of a squeegee ‘s hard edge side and will grip the vinyl as you pass over it. Possibly this can scratch the surface.

The cotton glove method isn’t exactly a high-tech or expensive tool, but it works very well in practice and can save your fingers easily from small burns during a vehicle wrapping. Check it out on the next project to see how good the shop is going.