Make the Right Contacts in the Music Industry

Many artists are conscious that having the correct connections in the music business is incredibly necessary for a good music career to be accomplished. Learn more here  The truth is, most musicians don’t even know who the right contacts in the music industry are, where to locate them, how to really turn a ‘first contact’ into a substantive relationship, and what it truly requires to have the right connections in the music industry.

Do you think it will help you grow a good music career if I offered you my full list of contacts from the music industry (key industry people I have developed relationships with over the last 20 years?)? … NO!-NO! Why? For what? That a pure ‘touch’ is worth none at all. Contacts with the music industry need to become relevant links to the music industry. Building good partnerships creates meaningful connections … More details on …

However, even though you have strong connections with the right people, that won’t benefit you unless and until you’re focused on getting the right stuff in place that would encourage your business partners to feel secure enough to work with you.

Yeah, who are the individuals you should be approaching in the music industry? … And what do you suggest to him / her when you run across someone? How can you pay attention to these important people when you don’t have a ‘face’ in the music business yet?

Let’s address the first query, “What are the individuals you should be meeting in the music industry?” To answer that, you ought to pose a variety of other queries, such as: • There are certain connections who have tremendous power and potential to help your career develop?

  • Who are the individuals with the highest amount of main connections with other experts and businesses in the music industry?
  • Who are the best contacts to locate near where you work, including the most significant ones?
  • Which are the most approachable contacts?
  • Who are the individuals you will support to fix Life’s challenges and/or help them accomplish life objectives (thus beginning to develop a relationship)?

Is there a single “kind” of contact individual or (company) in the music industry that meets ALL of the above criteria? The reaction is ‘Yes’ And if you don’t have ties to the music business, this ‘reference form’ could be your best place to continue… So, who is that sort of individual or business? Executives on record label? Men at A&R? Manufacturers? Advertisers? Officers? Lawyers on Entertainment? Renowned bands? No …… no … The response may come as a surprise … It’s “Promoters Party”

Serious festival promoters in the music business have immense control and impact. They are the real music industry risk-takers. Every year they work with thousands of very relevant individuals from the music business such as: well-known artists, record labels, talent owners, tour managers, film attorneys, production firms, merchandising agencies, clubs, booking services, radio stations, the press and more.