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It used to be that sex tips for men basically had as a goal the eventual envelopment of the penis by a waiting vagina. Now, with advances in technology (sexting, video phones, etc.), two people no longer have to be in the same room to engage in couple’s sex. That doesn’t mean everything has changed, however; long- sex doesn’t mean that penis care isn’t still important, and it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things for a man to consider as he engages in a pleasuring activity taking place in two different rooms, states or even countries.Check out Lisa2001 for more info.

The modern male may want to keep the following sex tips in mind as he sexts, video chats and otherwise engages in 21st century sexual activity.

Words may speak louder than actions.

When a man engages in sexual activity with another person who is not in the same physical location, his words may have more impact and meaning than ever before. This is especially true of text- sexual communication, such as sexting or email without a visual component; a man is then reliant upon his way with words to get his partner hot and bothered- keep the partner feeling that way until both have achieved a release.

For that reason, it benefits a man to brush up on his verbal dexterity. “Ooh, baby, that feels good” may do once or twice, but it wears out rather quickly. Learning to speak passionately in a variety of ways is a great skill to develop. And becoming an expert at description and metaphor can only help- creating as many synonyms for common terms (e.g., penis, vagina, breasts, balls, etc.) as possible.

Do a dry run.

When using video chat or other visual media, be aware that one is likely to look a bit different on camera than in real life. In a big- Hollywood film, seasoned professionals provide lighting that is enormously flattering and cameramen know precisely what angles to use to present a person in the most advantageous manner. When using a webcam in a room lit entirely by overhead fluorescent bulbs, the effect is not going to be quite the same.

If possible, a man should plan a “dress rehearsal”: He should film himself engaging in the expected activities and then play it back to see how he looks. Using this as a guide, he can decide where he should sit, stand or lie, in what position, etc., as well as if he needs to find a way to adjust the lighting.

Be ready for the close-.

A guy should also remember that the camera can make or break his tool- speaking, that is. Every guy wants to sport a monster piece of equipment; shooting with the camera looking upward toward the erect penis makes it appear more impressive. The reverse is also true: Shooting down at the organ diminishes its impact.

Control issues.

The internet is flooded with pictures and videos of men engaging in sex acts that were supposed to be kept private. It’s essential that a man remember this before engaging in virtual visual sex. He should ask himself, “How will I feel if this somehow ends up on YouTube?” If there is any concern about this, it may be best to refrain from the activity.