How to Start Writing Features

The first thing that a feature writer can have to do is to compose in the basic form of a feature article: a Three Point Five Letter, a 3.5 letter or a Five-Paragraph Essay. It is a kind of essay that comprises five paragraphs and three key concepts, or points. The first term, sentence, or paragraph is the description or what is referred to as the lead in journalistic lingo; the second, third, and fourth paragraphs are referred to as the body and carries one main idea; and the conclusion is the final word, sentence, or paragraph. navigate to this website An article with a 500-word function is a good start, with 100 words in every sentence.

Introduction: Writing the Introduction essentially means “introducing” the topic. The moment your readers come across your Introduction, they should have a clear idea about what your subject is, although one exception is there. If your intention in the Introduction is to place them in suspense then you can postpone your feature article’s main point until the next paragraph or so. It should have a single idea that leads seamlessly to the next sentence which is the Body. The Introduction’s last sentence usually carries a connective item which will take the readers to the next one.

When it comes to eating this is like the appetizer. It is the first thing to eat that teases the appetite, or sets the tummy for the next-the main course.

Body: The body of your feature article is where you write down the best arguments. There too there is workmanship. This is also the section where the thinking mentioned in the Introduction should be clarified particularly when there was suspense involved. Likewise, the Body greatly expands the concept laid out in the Introduction. This is also where similar resources are collected, such as quotes, short stories and the like.

Summary: As the term implies, the Conclusion should have a sound of finality, otherwise it will leave the feature article dangling or incomplete, making the audience confused and frustrated with the impression that they have spent their time reading an article without any sense of the end. It is just the feeling of having consumed the main course, the appetizer, but without the cake.

This is where the description begins, the resounding, or the restatement. The Ring Style which is where the concept of the Conclusion literally paraphrases or re-emphasizes that of the Introduction. It has a “bouncing back” impact. There, the main idea might carry about a fresh idea, yet still linked, one way or another with the topic of the whole feature article. This is achieved when it is not a better option to summarise or restate. As a feature writer, the choice will be up to you to decide what’s best for your work.

Most often the ending of a feature story has this dramatic effect delicate enough to escape cheesiness, and intense enough to draw the desired feeling from the readers effectively.

This Five-paragraph Essay is not, of course, the only type of a feature article, but this is the fastest way to get started, it’s also the easiest.