How to Install Marble Tile – Marble Floor Installation

Because of its strength and beauty, marble tiles are now known as one of the common choices in furnishing homes, previously only associated with luxurious buildings. If you have opted to use this highly polished material, here are some of the basics on how to mount marble tiles if you want to mount them on your own.Checkout marble cutting tools  for more info.

Choose the style that suits the theme of your house and prepare the equipment required for cutting, sanding and installing marble floors such as tile nippers, a diamond blade saw, a squeegee, a squeegee used to spread cement in cracks and sponges or rags.

When the devices have been packed, verify that they match properly. You can need to cut them to cover the floor fully depending on the area and the size of your tiles, particularly those that will be placed around the doors or angles.

Before pouring the adhesive, make sure to clean and dry the surface because uneven surface can easily cause the put tiles to be chipped off. Make sure the area is set; add your notched trowel with a layer of adhesive and lay out the marble tiles according to your style.

Spacers are used to ensure proper distance between each tile, and let your masterpiece dry overnight after installation. Using your squeegee to fill in the gaps between the tiles with cement and leave for around 10 to 20 minutes before cleaning the excess with sponges. Clean the tiles and avoid any signs of cement by washing them off so that no stains can occur.

You will then have the satisfaction of a luxurious home after installing the marble tiles and the best thing about it is that you’ve made it with your own hands.