How To Install A Glass Door Handle

You are ready to start assembling the piece once you have purchased a glass door handle and decided that all of the parts are included in the handle package. Nevertheless, make sure that an instruction sheet is embedded in the package before you start installation. You may not have to use those instructions more often than not. If you never have a glass handle mounted, you’ll need the directions. Do you want to learn more? Visit Avant-Garde Hardware

More often than not, you’ll be replacing an already in use handle. If the glass handle you are installing is identical or similar to the one you are replacing, the instructions may not be relevant and you will be able to do the installation in minutes.

Here is an example of how a glass door handle should be replaced on a glass shower door.

Your first step is to remove the old handle, and then clean the place you removed it from. When using glue or any other form of adhesive on the old one, make sure that any residual material is scraped off so that the new door handle can be mounted as smoothly as possible.

First, ensure the holes on the door itself are of the same size as the holes on the new glass handle. Do drill in the screws if the holes fit. If new ones need to be inserted, mark a pencil on the surface where you want the new screws to be mounted.

If you are installing a glass handle that doesn’t need screws, the new handle may be fitted with an adhesive. Make sure you use a strong water resistant adhesive that absorbs heat and steam. After the adhesive is applied and the new glass handle is mounted, don’t use the handle for several hours until the handle is securely sealed.