Home Buyer Profiles

Are you currently starting your house hunt? If you are, the following home buyer profiles will help you identify if you belong to the three annoyers-the kinds which majority of home sellers do not want to deal with. Knowing what annoying things they do will spare you from being in this group.You can learn more at Home Buyers Birmingham.

The Nega Negotiator While no one deprives you of looking for possible problems in the house that is up for sale, going way beyond being too pessimistic is truly annoying. Being in this category of annoying home buyers means that you are trying to find loopholes even when there is none in existence. You make little problems big issues though they can be negotiated properly. Then, you just walk away from the deal with many negative comments about the seller. Worst, you spread negative feedbacks and make the seller personify a movie villain!

The Bargain Beast The home seller sells his property because he or she needs the cash equivalent of it. The price tag generally has profitable margins in it. As a home buyer, you can negotiate with the price in the hopes of slashing its price to some amounts. Being a bargain beast, you ask for certain amount to reduce the down payment and the monthly dues. Not even before the seller agrees, you change your mind only to ask for another lowered price. This attitude is simply annoying and will definitely put you in the list of profiled annoying home buyers.

The Repetitive Ringer Connecting with the seller is a good buyer’s attitude not until it becomes repetitive to the point that you are actually asking questions several times. You do not seem at all to grasp what the seller asks you on the other side. Worst of all, right after your very long chat, you ring the line of the seller only to pose a question you’ve already posed a few times ago. And sometimes in the early hours you are a regular ringer of hysteria, which will literally happen in certain cases. Two options-the seller will answer your request, clarify to you what you didn’t understand in your previous conversations, and still be in good mood to get back to rest or sleep; or the seller will answer your call only to remind you to call back tomorrow at a time when you can clearly understand what he or she would explain to you.