Health Care in Summer

Summer is not a pleasant season. It is too hot that many people would not have a good appetite. And the hot temperature makes people undesired to do anything. As a result, health care in summer is more difficult than that in other three seasons. Experts tell us that we should at least do six things to keep ourselves healthy in summer. Learn more by visiting

First of all, we should sleep late and get up early in the morning. The daytime comes early in summer so that people tend to wake up much earlier than usual. Therefore, we do not need to go to bed early in the night. But sometimes, there will be a problem. We may feel sleepy in the daytime. So doctors suggest us to take a nap at noon. They point out that the length of nap varies from people to people. In general, half an hour to one hour is appropriate. For people who do not have the habit of taking naps, listening music for thirty to fifty minutes can also help.

Secondly, we should keep a relaxed mood. Traditional Chinese medical researchers hold the view that the activities of heart correspond with summer. People tend to be anxious and bad-tempered. So people ought to pay more attention to heart care in summer. They are suggested to drink more milk and eat more bean products and chicken. Vegetables and fruit are also beneficial to keep a wonderful mood.

Thirdly, porridge is more suitable for summer. People can add some lotus leaves or mung beans to the porridge so that it is useful in detoxification.

Fourthly, fruit is not suitable for everyone. For people who has a poor stomach, gentle fruit is more appropriate. For them, fruit should be neither too sweet, nor too sour. As for people who have gastric ulcer, they have to keep away from watermelon and cantaloupe.

Fifthly, do not forget to complement nutrition. The balance of sodium and potassium is very crucial in health care. Since it is hot in summer, the release of potassium is quicker than usual. Therefore, people have to complement nutrition through food. For example, tomato, pepper and plum are good choices. Bean products and mushrooms supply adequate potassium, while fish, eggs and meat provide a large amount of protein, such as casein. Besides, watermelon, strawberry and cucumber are good to maintain moisture.