Guide to ecoScapes Lawn Care

Any more stress! There are Lawn Care companies providing a Lawn Consultation Service to homeowners, landscapers, gardeners and business owners who want advice on what is the best Turf Grass for their Lawn field. Visit us on ecoScapes.

Then why would you be having some advice? Healthy query indeed!

Free guidance is what you really require! The concern here is that certain turf producers and turf farmers cultivate different varieties of turf grasses, claim buffalo (St Augustine) and couch (Bermuda). For eg, the buffalo turf grasses, Palmetto buffalo or Sapphire buffalo, are produced under license from the companies holding the Plant Breeders ‘ Rights (aka the patent).

Already, the turf farmers are rated by these licenses! Every turf grower would sooner sell you a pallet load of Palmetto buffalo as that selling’s profit margin is greater than that on a selling of the Kikuyu Turf Grass (where there is no PBR or trademark on the crop, and where the commodity is cultivated by almost every turf farm).

And, in certain situations, it is the all-powerful dollar which drives Turf Growers ‘ advice to the misguided homeowner and landscaper. What you should do to stop this situation is bring a Lawn Maintenance professional in and give you the best (and independent) recommendations about what’s the correct turf grass for your Lawn. Only for a tiny charge you’ll save hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of dollars by making the Correct Option or Lawn Pick! Not to mention, you’ll get the right turf for the current site requirements such as lots of daylight, sunshine component or something else!