Five Basic Choices For a Limo Rental – Get to Know Them

Maybe you don’t know that, but you have far more choices to make when it comes to hiring a limo. You see, what started out as an extended sedan has grown over the years to include more and more features and choices and you may be amazed at what’s available now.You may want to check out luxury sedan for more.

Your First Option This all began with what’s now considered the standard limo. More generally, it is an expansion to a four-door sedan. The vehicle is split in half to achieve so, and then an expanded wheel base and drive train are mounted. The remainder of the body then is packed up. To handle the greater number of passengers, new custom seats are installed and then it is over.

Option Number Two From there the next alternative is what is usually named stretch limo. By practice, a stretch limo is an expanded variant of a conventional limo. If you are involved in hiring a limo and expect to carry along a big number of people then your best option could be a stretch limo. It’ll have seats that totally stretch around the interior of the vehicles. It is much more likely that a stretch limo would come fitted with all the new luxury comforts.

Your Third Option Up from that is the stage limousine that is essentially an extended variant of a stretch limo and far more roomy. It will include, for example, a central isle, several doors and internal room to store luggage or large objects such as musical instruments.

Option Number Four So there’s the luxury limousine and they do come in different shapes. They may also be built from any variety of vehicle types. When you were involved in a limousine that had, say, a hot tub in it, as there are luxurious limousines that do, that will be what you should be dreaming about.

Option Number Five The personalized party bus is the last on the range of specialty automobiles a limousine company will have to sell. It’s essentially a compact coach, completely fitted with the very best in luxurious accommodation. That should be something you should have requested from you to get a huge bachelor party if you had to jump on a table.