Facts About Texas Truck Wreck

A truck accident is, for that matter, very different from a car accident or any other form of motor vehicle accident. The difference is that there is less visibility for the truck drivers. The driver position of a commercial truck is often so elevated that there are areas beside and behind it where visibility is limited or even zero. Texas truck wreck is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Another factor which distinguishes a truck accident is the extent of the damage and injury caused by such an incident. Since the size of the trucks is relatively larger, they tend to cause greater accident damage than do cars or other motor vehicles.

Another thing is that compared to other passenger vehicles, lorries need longer periods to stop.

Which happens in a truck accident?

Here are some of the key reasons why major truck accidents occur:

  • Cars driving aggressively ahead
  • Drivers hurry up only to go with impossible schedules
  • Lack of inspection of the tires, brakes and lights
  • Act closely on other vehicles
  • Driver exhaustion and uneasiness due to long shifts of work
  • Use cell phone while you drive
  • Installation of blind spot mirrors fails
  • Blowing through strong traffic
  • Speed
  • Ignoring reduced speed limit for trucks

For several of these cases it is obvious that negligence is the key reason for a truck accident to occur.

However, often it is also due to negligence and abuse of client policies. Some trucks do not have rear and side bumpers as well as high front bumpers mounted. Such punch into the passenger compartments of automobiles.

In addition, speed policies may also be a little inadequate. The rest of the speed limits are for smaller vehicles. If applied to anything as big as an 18-wheeler truck, it acquires twice as much energy going 70 miles per hour.

Then, under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, vehicles are built to meet their size but are certainly not suited to 80,000-pound trucks sufficiently.

Many responsible agencies are already making amends to prevent any incident of truck accident on the road because of its big implications. For at least 26,000 pound-vehicles or 13 tons of gross vehicle weighted vehicles, the American Trucking Association and Road Safe America have suggested a maximum speed limit of 68 mph.

Truck building companies have also designed speed governors, which are actually computer-enforced systems. These are attached to a truck’s engine to have their maximum speed limited.

Since truck drivers face difficulty in reaching delivery deadlines, it is actually a necessity to go as quickly as possible. So, as it is the leading factor in fatal crashes during a truck accident, many are making ways of preventing excessive speed.

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