Explanation Of ADA Striping-Handicap Striping

The laws prescribe a minimum amount of specially reserved parking spaces for disabled people, based on the total number of available spots. For parking lots with a capacity of 25 spaces or less, a handicapped adult should have at least one parking slot set aside. This increases in relative proportion, but not in equal proportions-a parking lot with between 76 and 100 spaces will have at least 4 parking slots for the elderly, and at least 9 spaces should be given at 401 to 500 spaces. The minimum number of spaces for disabled people should then be equal to at least 2 percent of the total parking space provided, and when it hits more than 1000 spaces the minimum number is 20 plus 1 for every 100 over 1000.Do you want to learn more? Visit ADA Striping-Handicap Striping.

Handicapped parking spaces should be at least 60 inches long, accounting for the additional difficulty these people can face as they enter or exit a car. Additionally, for a vehicle that has a wheelchair lift, at least one out of every eight but at least one of those spaces should be even bigger, at least 96 inches long. An access aisle with a width of at least 60 inches should be located next to each parking space, while two parking slots can share one access aisle.

In both situations, the dimensions of these parking spaces should be clearly marked with paint, as well as the fact that these are handicapped parking areas. The access aisle boundaries should be clearly defined and should be painted with diagonal stripes to show that there is no parking permitted.

All of these factors may be rather daunting, but if you are armed with an adequate stencil parking lot kit that contains the icons and lines you require to mark the lot according to the law, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Handicapped parking lot stencils will allow you to paint the borders, markings and insignia of the handicapped wheelchair man, otherwise known as the “universal accessibility emblem” that all such parking lots should have.

A handicapped stencil parking collection, which should be durable enough to be used several times without breaking or degrading, would be your best friend to make sure you comply with the applicable regulations. If you’re a parking lot owner or owner and your lot doesn’t obey the rules, you should grab the stencil collection right now and set things right for your handicapped employers.