Effective Mosquito Repellent Methods

It’s summer and the mosquitoes are in full force out there. You may have seen advertisements in supermarkets, newspapers, or on TV for different insect repellents. With so many different products competing for your attention, the most effective is hard to know. A few of the available options are listed below.

Sprays / Disposers

Natural Sprinklers. Herbal sprays come from oils that naturally repel mosquitoes and other insects, such as cedar-wood, lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus and peppermint. Those sprays are recommended as a less harsh form of protection for young children. Usually these repellents have a strong smell and must be re-applied every hour. These range from 40 to 80 percent effective anywhere, so you may want to read user reviews for many different brands before you pick a natural spray.Browse around this web-site: flylifemagazine.com

Chemical Substances. Chemical sprays are much harder and can leave a residue that can wipe off labels even if left on hands. They also have a strong smell; the stronger the smell usually the more effective the product will be. Repellents based on DEET are the most effective, and have been used for decades.

Lotions Botanical. Of these applications, botanical lotions were found to be the most successful. Effectively rating up to 90%, some lotions can last up to two hours and have a lighter skin feel. Most do contain a small percentage of DEET but are still environmentally friendly, and while they may still have a strong smell they are far less odorous than both chemical and natural sprays.

Flamingos and Candles

Lemon Citronella. Similar to lemongrass, this herb is a natural repellent for insects. It is most commonly used in the form of a candle or in torches that can be staked in the ground around the protected area. Candles are usually about 40% effective, and while they offer some protection, if you are afraid of being bitten, it is good to use them in combination with personal applicators.


Infused Clothes. Believe it or not, some retailers even have chemical infused apparel available. The material is treated with a patented pesticide, and ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs are warded off. The repellent usually has twenty-five washes to last. Both drugs are extremely successful but they come at a higher price tag and only cover the area of the body closest to the substance being handled.

Cleaning up

Nets are the only fully chemical-free way of keeping out mosquitoes. Mosquito nets are lightweight and very effective in preventing mosquitoes enter a confined space. This makes mosquito netting ideal for protecting small spaces such as beds but not practical for outdoor movement.

Home nebulisers

Home misting systems are a highly efficient and modern way of keeping mosquitoes at bay. Such devices regularly spray an area around the home to clear the air of any pests. A home misting system will allow you to enjoy your backyard without the need for greasy sprays or strong smelling candles and torches, although you will still need lotions or sprays when you leave home.

Depending on how many people you ‘re trying to protect, how long you ‘re trying to keep mosquitoes away, and where they’re located, each repellent approach provides a collection of benefits. Sprays and lotion operate best for those who move away from home, where they are more suitable for home use as home misting systems. Covering up arms and legs when possible is a good chemical-free method of protecting yourself, but the summer heat may make this impractical. Whatever repellent you end up using, fewer mosquitoes will make your time outdoors more enjoyable.