Citizens for Health – Important Info

Bernard Madoff was able to raise millions of dollars from investors worldwide. His Ponzi scheme was the worst investment scam ever in US history. Building on false promises and lies, his estimated net worth of $820 billion. Citizens for Health is one of the authority sites on this topic. Many of the investors he swindled were in the healthcare industry, and many of the charitable foundations that lost money by investing with Madoff help to support research and treatment of the underprivileged. Bernard Madoff ruined many people’s lives, but his health-care effect on people could be longer lasting than other areas.

Most hospitals and clinics are looking to move to the latest equipment available for treating their patients. We are trying to equip their cancer centers with the ability to do things like prostatectomy with robots. The equipment required to make these visions a reality is extremely costly. Because of Bernard Madoff some hospitals and clinics will have to wait even longer to buy the high tech products in order to make their hopes of treatment a reality.

The truth of assisted living for seniors is that a person like Bernard Madoff was an extremely dangerous individual. Elderly people and those who help manage their assisted living centers in Chicagoland need to be constantly aware of people like Madoff who are planning to steal any person’s life savings from them. The centers themselves will work hard to protect their finances so their clients don’t risk any treatment options.

United States hospitals should re-examine their charitable foundations. Most foundation leaders trust the people who work directly for the foundation, but after it’s invested what happens to the money. A big-state hospital, like Il hospitals, needs to protect itself and the large populations it serves.