Chore-Free Kitchen and Bath Upgrades

We want our homes to be a refuge from life’s stresses, not yet another relentless source of jobs. So low investment of home updates is the latest trend. check here

1) Cooking countertops-The trend in kitchen countertops is towards materials that are robust, simple to clean and look fine. Accordingly, quartz is gaining popularity as a countertop material offering a natural stone look while at the same time reducing maintenance. The countertops may be used for many uses, without the possibility of cracks and stains.

Home design consultant Bob Vila offered a few tips on low-maintenance kitchen and bath features in an interview in BottomLine Private. Among his suggestions, Vila says when pursuing fewer upkeep, homeowners should prefer vinyl laminate or flat surface countertops. Yet, he notes, they are an alternative to engineered quartz countertops. As natural stone look is favored, granite is the perfect alternative in terms of longevity and less upkeep.

2) Flooring-Many people will just want less flooring grout lines because of the time it takes to maintain it clean. Vila suggests sheet vinyl for the kitchen or bath, for the lowest maintenance flooring alternative. Nonetheless, whether you choose porcelain or ceramic tile, he recommends you use a wider size with less grout, and a dark color grout with reduced grime visibility.

3) Bathroom Skylights -Windows in the showers are common, but it’s hard to keep them clean and they may grow molds or develop rot. Installing a skylight is a luxury of fewer upkeep to carry in natural light.

4) Bathroom Walls-Although tiles are not simpler to clean, they are usually easier to clean than paint or wallpaper in a vertical shape. That is why tile walls in the bathroom, even with grout as a nemesis, are easier to wipe.