Botox  – All About Botox Treatment

Botox therapy is a medical technique that has gone used for several years. The operation is performed by a qualified surgeon or dermatologist. It requires infusion of Botox into the damaged muscles. Do you want to learn more? visit best site.

What is suitable for the treatment?

Ideally, the treatment is used to eliminate signs of aging such as crow ‘s feet, smile lines, wrinkles, golf ball chin and many others; therefore, anyone who doesn’t like his or her skin due to the effects of aging can use the treatment to regain his or her youthful skin. Other than the treatment being used by those who want to eliminate signs of aging, it can also be used by the following people:

— Anyone with small lips- Botox is considered to pout lips if administered on the sides of the jaw. This leads to fuller lips

— Anyone with sagging eyebrows

— Anyone with muscle spasms- Botox is used to treat various forms of muscle spasms such as nose, eye closing, and neck spasms.

Why the operation is performed

As mentioned, the procedure is done by a registered dermatologist or surgeon. It’s usually a very fast procedure requiring just a short period of time (usually less than 15 minutes).

Before the physician injects you with Botox, you can insure that you have a secured package with the drug. That is how certain trick doctors would inject you with water or some drug and inform you that it’s Botox.

To be on the safe side, always ask the surgeon to show you the Botox container. The bottle will be marked ‘botulinium toxin A’. This is the FDA licensed Botox used for cosmetic use. If your surgeon has another Botox other than botulinium toxin A, you should decline to be injected.

Once you have checked that the Botox is the acceptable one, the physician will inject you and within 15 minutes, the operation will be finished. The procedure is so fast that you don’t have to take the day off. You should stop in a fitness clinic during the lunch hour, get the Botox administered, and head back to the workplace in the afternoon.

Advantages of the treatment

The apparent downside of the treatment is that it helps people to remove the symptoms of ageing. This not only makes many appearing youthful, but it also makes many feeling satisfied and more sure in their appearance.

The main benefit is that the procedure is risk-free. This is because FDA has already approved Botox for cosmetic use; therefore, when the surgeon injects you with the real Botox, you are assured that you can’t develop any side effects.

To most patients, Botox treatment is preferred to other more invasive cosmetic surgeries. Botox treatment involves injection with very thin needles. It is deemed less intrusive relative to other types of procedures which are more intrusive.