Benefits of Using Pacifier Clips

Parents often worry if their babies should or should not use pacifiers. Pacifiers can give children multiple advantages from soothing a cranky baby and reducing the risk of SIDS. It may help to add a pacifier clip to the pacifier, too. get redirected here

Research has shown and experts agree that babies are not always hungry crying for the breast or the bottle. Babies often just feel an urge to suck on something and for these moments a pacifier with a pacifier clip is great. It is almost impossible to lose the pacifier with the pacifier clip connected to clothes or car seat belts. Which makes a fussy infant really easy to soothe. Often, the pacifier will help settle a baby back to sleep when it wakes through the night.

Experts have found that pacifiers with pacifier clips reduce the risk of a baby dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, in addition to its calming and pleasing effect. While not completely sure why, they agree that the pacifier holds the airways safe by moving the tongue forward.

The American Dental Association has also announced that giving a baby a pacifier attached to the pacifier clip, rather than a bottle of juice or milk can help prevent and reduce tooth decay in the early childhood. The baby’s sucking movements allow saliva to clean the teeth and lips naturally, rather than the carbohydrates from the substances remaining in the mouth and around the bones. Pacifiers should be kept clean at all times and should never be soaked in anything nice to allow the infant to suck on. When they need them, infants will of course turn to their pacifiers. Attaching the pacifier clip helps to keep comfort within easy reach, and also prevents them from falling down on dirty floors.