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How to check and disinfect the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system

  • Building and/or other dust and contaminants have polluted newly built parts or ducts.
  • There is some doubt about the need for cleaning, the NADCA Surface Comparison Test is an simple way to show the cleaning needs.

There are all really legitimate reasons for cleaning up an HVAC system. Yet there is one thing you need to do to check that there are all of these conditions. You should look at the HVAC system or test it! Nortech Services is one of the authority sites on this topic.

It usually involves looking at the 2-4 supply duct runs in residential HVAC systems, 1-2 return duct runs, the air handler or furnace (and its internal components) and the dryer vent.

You can check at least 10 percent of the system components in commercial HVAC systems which are more complex. This means looking at the air handler (filters, coils, condensate pans / drain tubes, dampers, gaskets, etc.), any fan coils, supply ducts and their internal components (registers, dampers, mixing boxes, reheat coils, etc.), return duct work and its components (grills, dampers, plenum, etc.). Basically, you are looking at a representative sample of something in the airflow. Plus, other devices such as bathroom exhausts, washing, general.

Usage of a digital camera is the easiest way to record the inspection. In many places, you can insert the camera into the ductwork, and take a picture of the pre-existing conditions. That will show you whether or not you need to clean the HVAC machine. You can get at least two quotes from credible Air Duct Cleaning Companies if you need to clean the HVAC system. Many times as part of their services the Air Duct Cleaning Contractor provides the report before and after photograph. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association web site at http:/ is a good place to search for a reliable air duct cleaning contractor. In addition, the NADCA website provides many useful educational resources and videos on air duct cleaning. You will see and check by comparing the before and after images whether the Contractor has done a decent job or not. The end result of a cleaner HVAC system will be increased performance for lower energy costs and better quality of indoor air.