About LED Stage Lighting

In this economic climate, many theatre businesses and playhouses are under severe budgetary strain. Unfortunately as things get tough one thing people cut on is culture, which means it’s tougher to get them to see shows through the gates.

Holding costs down is an important part of keeping certain theatres going-cutting expenses ensures you can use the hard earned money on other more important things. Find additional information at led stage lighting

The stage lighting is one aspect that costs a lot of money for many theatres. Usually these are high-powered, high-energy lighting used to illuminate the floor. Although you can not do away with stage lighting at all, you can make it more efficient, and therefore more cost-effective.

Using LEDs or Light Emitting diodes to illuminate the stage decreases the lights’ energy consumption while decreasing the lighting ‘s effectiveness.

There are three main types of lighting widely used in shows-PAR cans (used instead of PAR lamps), Strip lights and styles of running heads. The latter may be Lead lines on a yokes or often traditional travelling headlights where the leds have been substituted with LEDs.

Lighting has taken off and proved to be very common, with shows like the latest Radiohead tour using only lighting. However, since lighting can be more expensive to buy it has not yet gained acceptance by the public-it is still often mostly used as hand, top or back illumination for crowd blinders.

One downside to LED illumination is that it fails to create a hard edge beam because it has several lamps (lots of LEDs). It also deals with colour mixing, as it uses multiple LEDs in various colours. You note that you often have shadows of multiple edges showing different colours, or mixed colours. Technology, however, is progressing, reducing certain negatives while increasing the positive ones.

Low heat production is one major benefit of using LED lighting on your stage. This allows for the positioning of LED instruments where conventional illumination may not have been required. The heat production is so poor as to illuminate ice sculptures with LED lamps!

You may note that LED instruments are simpler to monitor directly from a DMX and do not need any external dimmers-the onboard circuitry regulates their brightness. Since they use only a limited amount of electricity, several devices from a single power source may even be daisy chain.

You should choose lights with different coloured LEDs in when picking your LED lighting-usually Red , Green , Blue or White. You may change colour and intensity of the light by changing the display colours. LEDs also have a very long service life compared with traditional lamps. Although LED lighting is at present more expensive, this is compensated by the lowered production costs and the bulbs’ much longer life span.

LED lighting is suitable for stage service-it is simple to use, it is cheap to run and it is very versatile. The technology is progressing everyday and in the coming years you can hope to see more LED lighting in the stage performances.