4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

Winter season is here, and this means that temperatures will soon drop to the extreme, particularly at night. Like several other homeowners, you do need to worry about turning on the boiler, a part of your HVAC system. Since it has remained idle throughout the summers, it is imperative that the furnace is checked for proper heating up of your home. But how do you know the right time before the peak cold arrives to take care of problems in the furnace?

Apart from the furnace’s obvious and clear sign of not heating properly, a few warning signs may appear every now and then. If you pay attention to these warning signs then ideally you can spot any big problems with the furnace in time and monitor the damage level.You may find more details about this at Furnace Service Tacoma

1 – Does your Furnace make the sounds of Creepy as though it were possessed?

No furnace is ever quiet, but at the same time it is not natural to send out odd, eerie noises to the furnaces. If you end up hearing creepy sounds like watching a horror movie (whining, groaning, and banging noises), then clearly there’s something wrong with the furnace and it’s a sign of “repairing time.” Your furnace may have blower, or it may have problems with ignition which will require replacements.

2 – Is the thermostat turning up not working anymore?

When you feel cold during winter days, it would be your natural reaction to try and warm up the room by turning the furnace on. But if your HVAC system is a little older than usual, you might have to hit the thermostat a few notches up. But what if even after this, nothing happens? If it doesn’t help and your room isn’t warming up, then your furnace might have some faults in it, or perhaps the ducts leak. Such problems are also signs of repairing or maintaining a furnace.

3-Is your Bill Soaring High Monthly Electric or Gas?

Compare your previous records with the current one on the electric or gas bill. Are bill prices higher than in the months preceding them? If the bills are higher than they normally are, this is a clear indication of a poor furnace performing well. The system could have many problems and it is always best that you consult with professionals so they can diagnose the exact problem and repair it on time.

4-Is there a Yellow Flame in your Furnace?

Check your furnace regularly, and have it checked if you notice a yellow flame. You may think it doesn’t matter at first but if you see the yellow flame, don’t forget it. The main problem is that a yellow flame is a clear indication of the combining gases in the furnace, and that’s not at all good. It’s normal to see a blue flame, because it shows all the gasses have combined in a balance. Yellow shows that the gasses combined with carbon dioxide and that’s not a good indication of the furnace ‘s life.